Extra Chimney Services

Masonry Work

Apart from this, we deal in masonry work too. Just to give a briefing, masonry work is laying down structures that have a combination of separate designs brought in together by the use of mortar. Beautiful pieces of masonry include those made from marble and granite predominantly. We have high quality of stones and bricks that bring about not only attractive masonry work but also durable and long lasting masonry work. The bricks used in masonry work are specially designed to withhold fire. More so, masonry work is resistant to natural disasters such as storms and floods. Masonry structures are resistant to combustion too.

Animal Care

If you are hearing sounds of animals most likely of squirrels from your chimney , it is highly probable that an animal has paved its way to the inside of your chimney and is trapped in it. Animal care is what we consider as our prime responsibility. If an animal gets trapped inside your chimney. Apart from this, birds might build their nests inside the chimney. Our professional and well trained staff arrives at your door step on time and carefully extract the animal without harming the animal in any way. Additionally, we install a chimney cap to ensure that incidents of animal trappings inside your chimney do not take place again.