Chimney Cap Services

Repair & Replace

Leakages in the chimneys occur because of deteriorated caps and shrouds that need to be repaired. However, if need be, and the damage is to a great extent, then the caps and shrouds shall be replaced. All chimneys need caps and damage to them is caused by excessive heat and water. Chimney caps need to be repaired because they are important. They aid in blocking animals to build nests in the chimney. They also prevent rain from moistening the chimney.


You can attach a strong seal on your chimney flue in order to conserve energy. These seals are called chimney dampers and they let the cold air or even the heated air to leave from the home. With chimney dampers, you can easily store the air inside your home. Chimney dampers further make your home cozy, dry and warm. Chimney dampers save you money as they reduce the need for air conditioners or heaters.

Chase Covers

Similar to this, chase covers also serve as chimney seals. It shall be noted that the chase covers that are made up of poor quality steel tend to rust and stain quickly therefore ensure that you buy chase covers made up of stainless steel. A hammer, screw driver , a drill and a caulk gun is all that is needed to install a chimney chase cover. Chase covers are necessary for proper maintenance of your chimney.

Custom Make

We provide you with tailor made caps and shrouds. Intricately made and delicately designed, these custom made caps and shrouds give an appealing and an eye catching look to the top of your chimney that adds décor to the exterior of your house. We would tailor the chimney caps according to your needs. You can choose the design and color of the chimney cap that you want to get made. We have a wide range of ideas that you can choose from.